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You're probably on this page because you're curious about exactly what we're all about or what we are trying to achieve.

If you aren't here for that purpose then you are likely looking to get in touch with us which you can do using the contact box to the right!

In a nutshell, here is what we're up to:

We see that there is a large anti-White agenda going on in the United States and globally. The media does not fairly cover hate crimes against White people, our politicians endorse flooding our countries with millions of illegal immigrants from the third-world countries that drain economic resources and take jobs from citizens, and we are discriminated against in academic and occupational settings. It may sound crazy, but hear us out!

Other than that, we're just your ordinary everyday folks. We're your neighbors, bar, softball, fantasy football buddies just talking about issues we find to be important.

We aren't haters, we are not supremacists, we are not bigots or any other type of slur word. We're just trying to build a better, more fair world.

Ask yourself: many major media conglomerates have "Black voices" or "Latino voices," re you going to hold us to a double standard and say that we cannot exist because it is The White Voice?

Please come listen to our show every Sunday at 7pm Eastern time to ask your questions or hear more about us.

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