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Use code:  8BP6UQTJ to get 15% off 


Reviews of Murdering Multiculturalism

(The following reviews are from verified purchases)

"Mr. Joseph Adams is incredibly articulate and maintains a cool-headed professionalism while discussing and tackling the issues directly. I cannot say enough about the importance of this book, as it is absolutely essential reading for people of all walks of life. It is a short and sweet read (130 pages), but Mr. Adams is able to detail the problem very specifically, as well as the specific steps that must be taken in order to save our respective peoples from the looming genocidal abyss. Very highly recommended, 5 stars."

"An honest look at issues with multiculturalism at home and abroad. A nice antithesis to the mainstream's one sided, unscientific mantra."

"What the book says is true. I've been seeing what the book describes for over 40 years. I would like to add the multiculturalism was created by Cultural Marxists, and is a tool they are using to undermine American culture in the process of transforming it into first a socialist, then a Communist country."

"This book is the ideal book for anyone who needs a crash course on multiculturalism and the coming train wreck it will produce. Mr. Adams careful attention to decoding and demystifying the psychobabble of multiculturalism makes this the ideal eye opening book for a novice. I would recommend that everyone purchase a copy for every relative and dear friend. His style is informal, friendly and diplomatic. I'm sure that even non-Whites of high character could learn a lot from it and indeed he does address the black community directly, pointing out that it too has been destroyed by this multicultural madness. America's fate was long ago sealed and its trajectory cannot be changed. This is the idea book for anyone who is interested in surviving the coming train wreck."

"Murdering Multiculturalism is by far the best and most eloquently written book explaining the true reason for to the decline of western civilization, particularity in America. Although this book is primarily a wake-up call for the oppressed European-American white majority, the author, Joe Adams, expresses his irrefutable viewpoints in such a way that it could be understood and appreciated by a reader of any race who has the ability to set aside their emotional reactions to Marxist Pavlovian trigger words/labels and uses their logic to realize his clear message: Multiculturalism is death sentence to ANY society, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, and politics; it simply does not work, it has never worked, and it will never work. Adams delivers his message in only 130 pages; it is a short and easy read with an irrefutable powerful message that anyone can digest. It is a must read for everyone interested in politics!!!"

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