How Feminism and "White Privilege" Are Not Compatible w/ Common Sense

The Dangers of Modern Feminism
By Marie Ross   

 As someone older than the millennial generation and beyond, I didn't grow up subjected to the hate and lunacy of feminism as it is today. Sadly ironic, in many ways it discourages women to be feminine!

I could write a book on this, but an article must suffice for now. I'll outline why it is a ridiculous "movement," and provide a few photos/links to somewhat illustrate my point.

It is a destructive ideology to say the least. Many college professors today are of a very liberal mindset. I use the word "liberal," for there isn't yet a new widely used term (that I know of) to call these people who are ironically anything but liberal, which is defined in part as tolerant, broadminded, and enlightened! Often, their "teachings" are anti-White (specifically White male).

These professors are indoctrinating aka "teaching" their students to be troublemakers in many ways. They're taking young, often naive, malleable minds and shaping them to mirror their distorted, perhaps jaded, view of humanity and society. It may be noteworthy a certain percentage of these inexplicably illustrious professors are non-gentile.

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I find it a waste of time their hyper intellectualizing of real and imaginary categories "gender roles" or lack thereof, all the different creations now of "sexual identities," male vs. female "privileges," "rape culture," questioning biology, and so on. They claim to be progressives, when they're actually regressive. They then go on with their false narrative of perceived victimhood and inequality.

In the age of information, it is odd they can convince many modern females there’s a “war on women” and there’s a threat we may not continue to be “allowed” to make reproductive decisions when Roe v. Wade was established over 40 years ago (almost a half century!); Women’s right to vote 96 years ago (almost a century), and the false claim of men being paid more than women even though the equal pay act was passed in 1963 (again-more than half a century ago).

"Equality" is an impossible goal due to the natural, vast differences of society and humankind.

This is a similar tactic of "anti-racists" (by the way: anti-racist=anti-White) and other SJW's (social justice warriors). They are self-appointed full-time offended people, deciding it's their responsibility to right all the wrongs of society. Ha-ha, good luck with that!! And they'll create situations to be offended by or to offend others to satisfy their needs.

One example is the trend of growing their armpit hair long and dying it odd colors, enjoy making others uncomfortable with it.

Instead of being truly liberal, which is to live and let live, they interject themselves into situations just for attention such as taking to the streets topless, chanting silly memes holding signs to create awareness of...what exactly?

 They often contradict themselves. A prime example is badgering those who "fat shame,"
 meanwhile persecuting "overly thin" women. What happened to "beauty comes in ALL shapes in sizes?" Such is the way of the loony liberal: It's only acceptable if THEY decide it is.

 These are also the same types who believe in the mythical "White privilege." One thing is for certain, aside from mental malfunction, they cannot have that many problems if one of their chief, nonsensical "worries" in life refusing to use monthly feminine hygiene products because they are an "oppressive tool of the patriarchy."

 The logical concerns should be if those products are made in China or otherwise toxic. I hate to bring out this disgusting fact, but had to do just that to peek behind their curtain of shock value, bullying through self-righteous indignation. Is it quite possible they're using "female privilege?"
They're sure allowed to say and do these vulgar things whereas TRULY oppressed and abused women in other parts of the world face clitoral amputation (sans anesthesia) at a young age, DAILY rapes and beatings, starvation, stoning to death, among other true evils under actual EVIL male oppression.  

Please feminists, live a just a few days in a woman's life such as I just mentioned and tell me how tough your day was. Guaranteed it would even hope to pale in comparison. 

Carry on with your false narrative of "Muh patriarchy." Let's see how far it gets you as you face a massive student loan to repay for worthless degrees despite "White privilege" where applicable. This is 2015. Your smokescreen has dissipated. You will NEVER be taken seriously or respected by anyone who knows better.

5 Questions Whites Must Ask Themselves After the Islamist Terrorist Attack in Paris

There are such strange things happening following the continued Islamic terrorism taking place across the world but most particularly in Europe. Social media serves as an amplifier for all types of altruistic insanity that Whites across the world are partaking in. Let this serve as an examination of our racial soul in 2015 and beyond as we try to deal with the threats facing our people at home and across the globe. 

Why is it that after every time a Muslim misbehaves themselves
we must kiss their ass?

Seriously? Why must we genuflect before the altar of Mohammed and political correctness when a Muslim acts bonkers in the name of Islam? Why do Twitter hastags like #IllRideWithYou or #RespectToMuslims pop up with thousands of brain dead neck-bearded vermin proclaiming how non-racist they are for saying that all Muslims do not participate in terrorist activity? 

Why is it never about Islam?

Howard Dean, MSNBC, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Twitterverse swear up and down that when someone screams "al luke bar" (who is he anyway?) and attacks infidels it is not in the name of the "religion of peace?" The likes of Howard Dean, former 2004 Presidential candidate, and Obama take it a step further by saying ludicrous things like "the Islamic state is not Islamic." Like really, who are you trying to play with?

Why does Islam always get a pass?

#IslamicPrivilege, perhaps? Think about it, Christians not wanting to bake a cake for a "wedding" featuring two men who put their genitals in the rectum of other men is considered such a violation of human right and political correctness that it ends up in appellate courts. It's called hate speech and intolerance in the name of Christianity but when an Islamist acts up its not Islamic.

Why has Islam become so respected among the left?

This one is a bit rhetorical since we can actually answer it rather than ask more questions. The answer is simple: because Islam is a predominantly non-White religion. Due to this fact, it represents "diversity" and "multiculturalism" which provides an opportunity for cultural enrichment. Christianity is representative of the patriarchy and old White men and must be replaced with a vibrant new reformed religion like Islam. Oh and if that doesn't make sense it is because it wasn't intended to. 

Why are the other Semites getting a pass?

Let us not for one moment forget the architects of many of the immigration policies that opened the doors of the West and America to all times of various and sundry non-Whites including Muslims. You know, "God's Special Friends," the practitioners of the other Semitic religion: Judaism. It's hilarious to watch young Jewish Marxists on Twitter stand for Islam and the infestation of it upon Western lands but not that little corner of the world called Israel which continues to disproportionately murder Muslims in Palestine, who many of them refuse to recognize. Apparently, however, they have caught on to this. Palestine and "Standing with Gaza" is the new cause of the left. 

Just ask yourself some of these questions and add any other questions you have in the comment section below.

A Call For White Unity in 2015: The Enemy Laughs at "Pro-Whites" Fighting With Each Other

"If anything, the groups “were much better organized” in 2000, when there were several major groups, Potok said. Even as their numbers have grown, these groups are “constantly at each other’s throats,” which means they are not tremendously well-organized, he added."

The White Voice has been an institution since 2011, that means we're approaching 4 years in operation, in February to be exact. While it may appear that changes that have taken place to "clean up our image" (which is most certainly true to a certain extent) the fact of the matter is that this is growth as a person. People do and say things that they drop as they get older all the time and this is no different. For our culture to grow, we must grow. We do not change to capitulate to the standards of those who want us to genuflect before the altar of political correctness and thought control.

One of the largest issues plaguing people who call themselves "pro-White" or "Eurocentric"  and the media and anti-White groups will call "White supremacist" is this constant infighting and bickering among unnecessary rival pro-Whites, and we have certainly had our share. Many of times, however, we have taken the high road and refused to participate in such mudslinging and here's why.

We at The White Voice are not agents of the government or communist organizations, but anyone who has worked with this website will tell you our policy is: treat us like we are. Do not say things around us that you may not want coming back to you some day or do not suggest things to us that may be illegal or detrimental to your life in anyway. That's not because when you've had enough of us we're going to go spill the beans in a nasty blog or a Stormfront post, but because of the nature of the enemy and their desire to spy on our private communications.

Because of this philosophy, which is the best one, the people who work with us are fairly protected and our reputation is protected. Furthermore, we consider anyone who does participate in these types of behaviors or is actively trying to pursue drama with other pro-White people by name calling, "expositions," or by doing any other work for the enemies of Western Civilization and greater White values to be agents of such subversive organizations or perhaps COINTELPRO governmental operations.

Believe us when we tell you, we get poked and prodded to get involves in pissing contests with alleged "pro-White" people all the time, we even have screenshots as recent as last week of people trying to instigate fights, trying to get us to take the bait that we won't. We won't even post the evidence in name of "White unity" and to adhere to our policies. We even get e-mails from people who are entangled in other drama (presumably) who try to recruit us to their faction or their "team." The most recent situation like this was right before Christmas when a growing dissent surrounding an organization, whom we have never even heard of, was starting to get in hot water with other nationalists and we at The White Voice were subject to attempts by others to implicate us in the fight. Sorry, not happening. Just because somebody said something fresh about us does not mean we have to get into genital measuring contests with other allegedly "pro-White" people. That is what our enemies want us to do.

The idea that by tearing down others we can elevate ourselves is such a pathetic and divisive strategy in a cause where we should all be on the same page. Collaborators, not competitors. 

There have been at least 5 instances of these types of situations with different people throughout the years ranging on different levels of ridiculousness, but we refuse to participate.

Now you ask: why?

Because who does it benefit? Even if someone is trying to tear us down to elevate themselves or spreading lies, what does our fighting with them do? It dignifies their fire-starting. Don't confuse  not responding to such attacks with us being "caught" or weak, because we don't engage in this type of behavior. This is us not taking the bait of the enemies. You should do the same.

We at The White Voice are pretty sure there are people literally masturbating to "pro-White beefs" that pop up around the internet. They get off on a divided cause, a cause that is the most important of this century: the survival of our people and the peaceful relations of a free mankind. 

If there's one thing we have learned in this world it is that there are going to be a lot of people you do not like and a lot of people who do not like you, for various and sundry reasons. But in a day and age where there is an existential threat to the existence of an entire culture, is it worth getting in pissing contests?

For the longest time we have chalked much of this up to the widespread mental illness that many people suffer from along with a combination of poor social skills and outright subversiveness. Whatever the cause, it benefits nobody except our enemies to be feuding with one another. 

The divide and conquer tactic is the oldest one in the book. Destroy from within. 

Nobody here is suggesting that we all join hands and unilaterally consolidate our efforts, but what we are suggesting is to stop starting fires for one reason and one reason alone:

It is what our enemies want.

So our advice for you in 2015 is as follows:

  • If someone is trying to entangle you in drama, ignore it. 
  • If someone is lying about you or spreading rumors about someone you know, ignore it.
  • If someone seems to constantly be involved in "spats" with other nationalists and seems to allocate more of their time to fighting other "pro-Whites" than producing anything of value, ignore them and distance yourself from them.
  • If someone makes rumors about you like you are in high school, never address them and ignore it. 
  • If someone is trying to burn down what you built to build their own, ignore it.
  • Expend your energy both positive and negative wisely. Channel it into productive behavior.
  • Never speak badly of someone who is on the same page as you or is pretending to be on the same page as you, even if they deserve it.

Facts & Consequences About Young White Women Taking Black Men to Bed

Facts, opinions, and questions surrounding the epidemic disease of so called White girls who choose to mix with negro males: Some observations & theories as to the causes, consequences, facts, and prevention-note: None are in any particular order, nor are complete lists:

Why are these girls making these foolish, often dangerous choices?:

·      Although many disagree with it, it is more commonplace than ever. The media glorifies it and an integrated society are very conducive to these unnatural pairings.

·      Drugs-easier access and more incoherent, vulnerability

·      Rebellion-a very stupid, self-destructive way to rebel.

·      Low self-esteem/unattractive and/or overweight. It is a human trait for everyone to have some form of self-esteem issue. Their higher testosterone serum results in an even higher sex drive than non-negro males which causes them to be predatory in their quest for female companionship, as well as make them much more prone to violence-*more on this later*

Chayenne Willis brutally beaten by her Black Boyfriend's Black female friends for being White.

Chayenne Willis brutally beaten by her Black Boyfriend's Black female friends for being White.

·      Pressure/fear: Anytime a White girl does not respond as interested in the negro’s advances, his reaction can range anywhere from the mildest “Why not-are you racist?” Some girls for whatever reasons: meek, fearful, or otherwise, will play into this and to unnecessarily prove to the predatory bully she’s not *gasp* “rayciss”, she will then endanger herself. More severe reactions have been rape, assault, murder (sometimes a combination of one or more of those), and more. Girls/ladies need to do all they can to avoid these situations. If they still end up in one (such as at school/work). Say you have a boyfriend and remove yourself from the situation: You have to get to class, need to call someone, etc.

None of the above or anything else ever had me the least bit interested in pairing up with a male I wouldn’t be attracted to, and have nothing genetically or culturally similar in common with.

 Consequences/repercussions/facts-in no particular order, nor a complete list:

·      Although it appears a lot of White girls “are doing it” these days, don’t think it’s ok or that there aren’t consequences (often grave)!

·      For the very most part, their family members and friends will see them in a disgusting light. I’ve seen people disown a family member over this and a I cut ties with a then best friend after making sure I shamed her first, for what that was worth. I have also witnessed this in other families and friendships. And the ones who aren’t forthright in their disapproval, will talk behind their backs.

·      The negro seldom marries his bedmate, and a very high percentage refuse to use condoms which is evident due to the much higher rate of STD’s and AIDS virus documented in their demographic presence in Western civilized countries, and explosively shown by their genetic relatives residing in their natural country of origin., as well as irresponsible impregnation rate. This results in high odds of contracting an STD for the female. It also virtually guarantees a (though innocent) genetically mutated offspring that will most likely be: Fatherless, suffer from identity crises (making self-esteem a much greater challenge), if there are health issues, very low to nil chance of  blood or organ donor match, a source of shame on the family as well as the Mother. If the Mother has children from a previous relationship with a White male, those children are now in an unnatural home environment.

Jessica Chambers was set on fire by Black males.

Jessica Chambers was set on fire by Black males.

·      Other dangers are physical and sexual abuse, and often murder as well. Many times they murder her children and/or other family members as well.

·      The negro females do not approve of their males choosing other races over them. This often results in violent beatings and sometimes worse. Remember: they work in packs, and surprise attack.


·      It is undeniably unnatural to copulate, let alone reproduce with someone so very different than you. Did your parents do this as you were conceived? Did not did their parents, and so on, and so on?

·      Have some pride in your own uniqueness. Do not even think for a second it’s “cool”, or okay to mix with someone so very different than you. Whether you believe God created us, or however you believe we all came into being-we were created different, and originally in separate parts of the earth, and for natural reasons. Why would you want to defy and pollute nature?

·      The White Voice has published countless cases where interracial intimacies resulted in absolute tragedy for the White female. Keep in mind-this devastates her families! Do you want to take a chance in ruining your family? Do you love your Grandmother? Who else in your family do you love and respect? Have they expressed how they feel about this? These are very important questions to ask yourself next time someone who has pheromones that are “offsetting” (a detectable scent the human body omits, which is a factor in natural romantic/sexual attraction)-“Why won’t you go out with me, are you rayciss?” To be fair, that occurs within our own-offsetting pheromones.

·      Safety first. AGAIN: Girls/ladies need to do all they can to avoid these situations. If they still end up in one (such as at school/work). Say you have a boyfriend and remove yourself from the situation: You have to get to class, need to call someone, etc.

In closing: I have presented inarguable facts, scientific & crime related evidence, and other valuable information/advice I could elaborate if necessary.

Now I’m done with being diplomatic. My opinion is that it is beyond repulsive and disgusting even to consider mixing in this way! I cannot comprehend what is so mentally wrong with those who do, but that is none of my concern, really. I would be so happy if young White girls thinking this were an acceptable option to see my words and realize this is the truth!! Not to worry about being called a silly name. Better to be labeled that than all the terrible examples I just presented! If there were zero White men on earth, I would choose to stay single and celibate until my dying day. That is an absolute fact. I only hope this would inspire other girls to respect nature, not the putrid encouragement and perpetuation of the false notion “this is ok, diversity and multiculturalism is what brings us all together." 

Wrong answer-try again! I say.

How Anti-White Propaganda Takes The Disguse of Advertising

Anti-White propaganda under the thinly veiled guise of “advertising” has further escalated their tactic by endorsing/depicting violence toward WHITE MEN!

Preface: One can carefully select a program or so on TV per week (very little time in comparison to the average person), yet still be the recipient of the hideous barrage of offensive “commercials”! Most everyone is on the internet. They’ve made their presence there just as well. The examples I’ll list are but a few of countless ones circulating (via both TV & internet).

I’m far from naïve, yet still find it quite difficult to comprehend why so many White people freely subjugate themselves to such humiliation and violence. Sure, they’re getting paid cash for their “services”, but no amount of money is worth one’s dignity-psychological, physical, subliminal, "jokingly", or otherwise.

What to do about this? BOYCOTT and spread the word! When I do take a few moments, I rather enjoy tactfully (often with a facetious tone), scolding them (corporate office, “contact us”, etc.), and informing them the message is on behalf of hundreds of thousands.

Last night, some friends and I had a good laugh at a Cheerios commercial on TV. It was a nostalgic collage of commercials of theirs from the 70’s & 80’s. A few days prior I read their sales have been suffering. We know why that is. Two “ads” celebrating the miscegenation agenda. Too late, but thanks for showing your true colors! ß pun intended.

*Warning* If you watch these, high blood pressure and anger are likely to occur.

Dodge Dart: This is an actual series with the same two actors as neighbors. The theme is always the same. White man-you’re an IDIOT. So far, this is the worst I’ve seen of their “marketing strategy”, when it starts to get violent. 

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Old Spice-vending machine: Obnoxious, violent African is extremely threatening and degrades an intentionally “wimpy” White man at least half his size while using the word "power" several times: 

Official Super Bowl ad (yet another reason YOU should boycott the NFL!) Joe Namath and Ronnie Lott (I suppose he is/was an NFL player? IDK nor care) Shame on you Joe Namath. 

Madden 15 trailer. Oh, this is beyond inflammatory. Black on White violence, miscegenation by taking the White man’s woman after humiliating him, and just odd displays. If you dare to look, I suggest you mute, or lower the volume to a minimum. NFL boycott reasons! 

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Subway: Another repeat offender! They have numerous ANTI-WHITE MALE “commercials”. Here’s but one: The Authoritative African and a White femaleßadding insult to injury, look down on the White man as a foolish individual who won’t/can’t? defend himself: 

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Kia Forte “Hotbot”. While the male violently attacked with an obvious feminist flair to it appears to be a non-gentile despite his light hair & eyes, the average American would see him as White, so keep that fully in mind viewing this violent little ditty: 

Last but certainly not least: Although this product appears to be a foreign brand of candy, the message is as obvious as it is disturbing:

\n","version":"1.0","type":"video","thumbnail_height":360,"authorName":"MsCaithness","authorUrl":"","providerName":"YouTube","providerUrl":"","thumbnailUrl":"","resolveObject":"Video","resolvedBy":"youtube","resolved":true}" data-block-type="22" id="block-yui_3_17_2_1_1416086691443_29099">

These appear to be clear messages by the destroyers (as covered in Murdering Multiculturalism by Joe Adams)-  Uncomfortable as it is, we should take acute heed of these hateful messages.  

By Marie Ross

Ayn Rand on "Racism" and Libertarianism's Faults on Race & Individualism

by Joseph Adams
Author of Murdering Multiculturalism, Host of "The White Voice" Podcast

Most freedom-loving people, including nationalists, would naturally be attracted to the idea of libertarianism. Live and let live, embrace freedom and get in the way of the lives of others never.

Ron Paul, perhaps the most famous modern Libertarian, is attractive because within the tenants of his political platform is present the idea of freedom of association and completely free markets with zero government intervention. Some may argue Ron Paul is actually an anarchist, but his adherence to the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand is undeniable since the proof is in the pudding: he named his son Rand!

Objectivism seems to have a hint of social darwinism in that in recorded interviews and lectures Ayn Rand promoted the priority of investing more money (private charity) into the gifted and less into those who have a minuscule chance of learning or putting forth anything of value in society i.e. the mentally disabled/handicapped.

For the record, we disagree that those with mental handicaps are incapable of performing valuable, must-do work in society. In a pan-European ethnostate, there would most certainly be a demand for low-skill essential workers that those who are intellectually challenged would be more than suited for. For example, those with low IQ's or mental disabilities that do not handicap their physical functionality would be apt to line cooks, trash collectors, janitors or other occupations that do not require anything more than repetition. 

The critique of Rand's stance on "racism" is not going necessarily based in the pejorative of racism or racist but in her unwarranted push for social, political and economic individualism. Bare in mind that in the days of Rand, racism was not a pejorative but the word assigned to the practice of acknowledging human differences and believing social policy would be created within the prism of those understandings.

As nationalists, collectivism is the name of the game. Nation by definition is a group of people who share a common aggregate of language, culture, ethnicity and history and the practice of procuring the best interests of a nation is nationalism. 

The push toward individualism has seen us get to where modern America is today. A polyglot culturally pluralist society of selfish "I'm more oppressed than you" individualists. While hardly practiced in the political sense, Rand's objectivism is certainly being carried out socially.

The idea of "if it feels good, do it" and no moral foundation without regard for the impact of the actions of an individual on a nation leads to and has lead to precisely what we have today. 
A standardless, morally bankrupt multicultural environment of racial politicking that has destroyed the White nation and White family.

Ironically, part of Rand's Objectivism and broader philosophy is unmolested free markets leads to untethered mass non-White immigration for the capitalist political ruling class to exploit.

Can you see how Objectivism and Marxism/post-modern liberalism have a similar end-game?

Gun Control = White People Control, A Comparison to Russian Gun Laws

Gun control: The ominous threat to us if it’s imposed in the U.S. Or is it a myth bigger than “the war on drugs?"

by Marie Ross

Given the facts, the threats are numerous, in no particular order nor limited to the following:

  • In an ever increasingly volatile climate of multiculturalism, non-White on White crimes is at quite a high. Therefore, it’s becoming pivotal that we’re aware of our surroundings at all times and must be prepared to defend ourselves. Legal firearm ownership is an effective way and a top choice of many. Not to mention it is our 2nd amendment right per the Constitution :

  • Our “president” feels he’s above the law and abuses his power whenever he can, namely if it’s detrimental to Whites and/or the U.S. And now with threats to repeal the 2nd amendment, if it were successful, would result in literally grave consequences. 

  • I’m no conspiracy theorist, but concede anything’s possible (though not always probable)! With that said, do we see a trend of similarities between the mass media reported mass shootings? “White crazy male anyone?” Newtown, CT; Aurora, CO (Semite); Ft. Hood, TX (NOT White, but the media immediately tried to report it as so); Tucson, AZ; Columbine HS-Aurora, CO. While refreshing my memory on these via a web search, I was sickened to find “white” anti-White bloggers blaming this all on “White male privilege!" I saw there were many great comments left which invalidated their vile accusations!

  • Despite advertisement propaganda and non-White hiring quotas (as of now let me stress), the military is still a high percentage of high quality White men! I’ve seen with my own eyes over the years in person on military bases, institutions, etc. in several locations. This of course, includes all living Veterans; the oldest one I know is 100! My point of that preface is: The VA has been sending “letters of concern” to Veterans. The letter will state they notice the Veteran has an appointment in the near future. While at the VA facility, would he/she like to drop by and obtain a “free” gun lock for firearm safety? Numerous Veterans are deeply concerned and suspicious as they already have a bad taste in their mouth and/or low trust of the VA (U.S. government operated), system. They feel this to be an informal “registry of Veterans with firearms” gathering of data…for what purpose?

  • With ever creeping liberalism forging the way to possible outright communism in the U.S., here are some Russian gun control facts provided by a Russian colleague of mine (who is here legally, which entailed a good bit of money, waiting, paperwork, etc.). She’s not too happy with the way her “American dream” has been unfolding. She states she left Russia to get away from communism, and in her almost ten years in the U.S., has witnessed what she believes to be earmarks of it budding here...

         Russian gun control:

  1. First, the citizen must successfully pass psychiatric and other mental evaluations. Specific details on this would be quite interesting.

  2. Must successfully pass a police screening, other paperwork, and hoops to jump through.

  3. Only a select few types of guns are allowed-for hunting purposes only.

  4. Must be a paid member of a hunting club, and only authorized to utilize gun during the designated season.

  5. Not only must they be registered, but kept in a heavy locked case.

I believe “total gun control” could be a MYTH, bigger than “the war on drugs.” Here’s why: There are too many guns out there –millions. Although nowadays, you must register the firearm prior to legal purchase (in order to complete the purchase), there are an unknown large number of unregistered ones out there! What is disturbing to everyone concerned is the mandated computer registry.

But there is no realistic way there could be a mass door to door to seize of firearms due to huge lack of manpower. So it would have to be done on a voluntary basis with the threat of prosecution for non-compliance.  The government would not attempt to do this all at once. It would be done piecemeal for fear of a revolution. Many Americans feel the thickness in the air of our constitution being attacked. The old saying is so true: “Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns.” It’s quite simple. Wanting isn’t getting.

Molon Labe!

Mulatto Messiah Worshiper Gwyneth Paltrow's Mental Diagnosis

by Marie Ross

“Thanks” lamestream media, for ensuring yet another (should be) irrelevant Obama worshipping celebrity’s sickening statements are delivered to us!  

 I’m referring to mentally and factually challenged bootlicker of the day Hollywood (bland actor IMO) actress Gwyneth Paltrow. 

On 10/9/14, she held a DNC fundraiser/cocktail reception in the lavish garden behind her L.A. six bedroom, eight bathroom “humble abode”. About 200 attended including her obvious intense crush, Obama. After the reception, she hosted an exclusive dinner for him and fifty of the supporters. Tickets for this nauseating overture ranged from $15,000 to $32,000!

This delusional woman praised Obama’s support of equal pay for Women, get this-said it was very important to her as a working Mother! How disingenuous.

  1. She makes an average of $18 million a year, and has a “net worth” of about $45 million. Back to the cost of the tickets of this event, there are numerous working Women who earn about that much (before tax gouging) per year!

  2. I’ve worked nonstop since age fifteen, sometimes two at a time (despite my “White privilege”).  I’ve earned a living in various career fields that make for a myriad of experience. In none of these had I neither ever witnessed nor was subjected to “less pay than Men”. Ironically, the White house has recently been exposed as guilty of such! Does Ms. Paltrow not know this, or opts to disregard since it doesn’t fit the narrative?

  3. What actually does threaten equal pay for equal work, manifests in reality via EEO/Dieversity/Affirmative action programs. Isn’t that ironic? It’s happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to others.

 She continued to worship her mulatto messiah with the following:

  •  “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”  Please have your eyes checked.
  • “I’m one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest.” Please see a reputable psychiatrist and seek extensive therapy.

  • "It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass." Such as? Lightning speed destruction of what’s left to destruct?

  • Cited him as an “incredible role model”.  Role model? For what?! I’ll not open my facetious Pandora ’s Box on why. It would create an article within one.

This Woman has had a privileged life, foreign to the “common person”, as have most if not all of the people in the aforementioned gathering. They have no idea what it’s like to be of the majority which is either working class, middle class, to the less fortunate. 

And lest we forget: In an interview earlier this year she compared being insulted on the internet to being at war. à Epic reply to that from a Green Beret: 

In closing, my synopsis of Ms. Paltrow is that in addition to her privileged life, she seems to suffer from an acute case of White guilt. She may even be disappointed with herself for not partaking in miscegenation (as of yet) to prove what a good little liberal she is.   

Perhaps she’ll take a crack at being a MENSA member for Halloween this year.

7 Reasons White America MUST Boycott The Anti-White, Straight & Woman NFL

By Marie Ross

Why White people should seriously consider boycotting the NFL. Just the tip of the iceberg: being a NFL fan can be quite costly. Where does all your hard earned money go? Far beyond one's entertainment. There are many reasons! In no particular order, nor certainly limited to the following:

  • Very expensive stadium ticket prices! Add to that costs of parking, concessions, and if your team is out of state, it will have a similar cost as a vacation due to transportation & lodging! Here's a sample: Superbowl is quite the price gouger on all counts!
  • If you choose to watch at home, this season's DirecTV "NFL Sunday ticket" is $329.94! And some games will be blacked out-no pun intended-(usually these are important games, which is quite aggravating). *However, NHL center ice is less than 1/2 price at $159.96, and many more games per week are broadcasted*, a far superior sport.
  • Purchases of certified NFL logo items: Average cost of a jersey is $100.00, average cost of a T-shirt is $40.00, average cost of a baseball cap is $28.00.
  • Endorsing of Violence toward White men and miscegenation. If you watch this, I suggest muting or turning volume to a minimum for it's exceedingly vile:
\n","version":"1.0","type":"video","thumbnail_height":360,"authorName":"EA SPORTS","authorUrl":"","providerName":"YouTube","providerUrl":"","thumbnailUrl":"","resolveObject":"Video","resolvedBy":"youtube","resolved":true}" data-block-type="22" id="block-yui_3_17_2_1_1412295571895_24199">
  • White children being exposed to a culture contrast to their own, in a way that glorifies the NFL player as a role model, someone to aspire to. This is a particularly disturbing high danger alert! if females see them as (desirable?). That would transcend into real life-the football players at school and/or those who resemble one.
  • Other dangers for both sexes is a societal cancer symptom which perpetuates embracing/emulating other cultures to "look cool". This is, unfortunately a "sin of the times" by our society and media, often partnered with lack of parenting or racially unaware and/or simply liberal parents.

Let's be honest. Many are coddled thugs guided through basic academia to pave the way for the goal of playing sports. This does not change them, rather the money and fame allows for a more deviant lifestyle, facilitating and encouraging undesirable behaviors at times. What would these be? Examples we've seen include:

  • Cohabiting with/marrying "White" women (high paid prostitutes?).
  • Abuse and killing of dogs, particularly pit bulls...this is not to be condemned per se for "It's their culture, they know no better."
  • Doing muslim gestures on the sideline (article here).
  • Normalizing/celebrating homosexuality (interracial was a bonus).
  • Child abuse-reported in the news recently.
  • Spousal abuse-reported in the news recently.
  • Assault (aggravated usually).
  • Murder (alleged/attempted).
  • Drug usage (dealing as well at times).

Did I miss anything?

  • "Non-gentile" owners also having their "pockets lined" with millions of dollars.

There are other sports-NHL and MLB to name two, and other forms of entertainment that do not contribute to degeneracy as the NFL does. It is past time to reject the "status quo" on many counts. The NFL is a prime example.

What You Need to Know About American Blacks Beheading Whites Across America

There is a budding epidemic of American-Africans beheading White citizens in America.

By Joseph Adams, Host of The White Voice, Author of "Murdering Multiculturalism"

The time for political correctness is gone and the time for over intellectualizing our problems has also come to past. 

The war against White people but academically infuriated ungrateful non-Whites in America who are among the most educated, well-fed, richest and highest standard of living non-Whites across the world if officially erupting. Perhaps we thought for a while it would just continue on with the "knockout game" or other random acts of senseless violence against Whites in all quarters of our demography; elderly, pregnant, ill and mentally disabled.

But now the use of Islam is going to be what brings it all to a status of pure barbarism. 

Bitter Blacks, because of the institutionalized brainwashing they have been subjected to, will use Islam as their religiopolitcal chariot in their full-on war against White America and western civilization. 

To under stand this further, I would like for you to enjoy an audio clip from episode 72 of The White Voice webcast in which we discuss the danger this type of Amero-African Islam presents to White citizens.