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Sweden Revolts!: Second Mosque in 5 Days Burnt to the Ground in European Uprising

Islam and Muslims who want to rape one-in-four White Swedish women have absolutely no right to be occupying a square in within Sweden.

The rape chambers, more commonly known as Mosques, similarly have ZERO place existing in Sweden, a White European society. The ideology that fuels the hatred of the West and condones the raping of White infidels by savage non-Swedish immigrants must no longer exist in Europe.

Europe does NOT need Muslims, Muslims need Europe.

"The second mosque in five days was set on fire in the night from Sunday to Monday in Sweden. This time the temple was set on fire in the south of the country Esloev; there are no victims, but they are minor material damage - said the Swedish police.

The incident took place around 3am in the mosque located on the ground floor in Esloev. Police have opened an investigation into the matter.

On Thursday, at Christmas, five people were injured as a result of arson of the mosque by an unknown perpetrator in Eskilstuna, also in the south of Sweden. At the outbreak of fire in a mosque located on the ground floor of a residential building, there were approx. 15-20 people.

Incidents occurred at a time when Sweden takes fierce debate on immigration policy of the country. The far right wants to reduce by 90 per cent. the number of people who have the right to apply for asylum in Sweden, while the mainstream political parties committed to maintaining the current liberal approach.

In the same Eskilstuna, where a large proportion of the population are immigrants, this year there has been clashes involving neo-Nazi groups."

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