A Call For White Unity in 2015: The Enemy Laughs at "Pro-Whites" Fighting With Each Other

"If anything, the groups “were much better organized” in 2000, when there were several major groups, Potok said. Even as their numbers have grown, these groups are “constantly at each other’s throats,” which means they are not tremendously well-organized, he added."

The White Voice has been an institution since 2011, that means we're approaching 4 years in operation, in February to be exact. While it may appear that changes that have taken place to "clean up our image" (which is most certainly true to a certain extent) the fact of the matter is that this is growth as a person. People do and say things that they drop as they get older all the time and this is no different. For our culture to grow, we must grow. We do not change to capitulate to the standards of those who want us to genuflect before the altar of political correctness and thought control.

One of the largest issues plaguing people who call themselves "pro-White" or "Eurocentric"  and the media and anti-White groups will call "White supremacist" is this constant infighting and bickering among unnecessary rival pro-Whites, and we have certainly had our share. Many of times, however, we have taken the high road and refused to participate in such mudslinging and here's why.

We at The White Voice are not agents of the government or communist organizations, but anyone who has worked with this website will tell you our policy is: treat us like we are. Do not say things around us that you may not want coming back to you some day or do not suggest things to us that may be illegal or detrimental to your life in anyway. That's not because when you've had enough of us we're going to go spill the beans in a nasty blog or a Stormfront post, but because of the nature of the enemy and their desire to spy on our private communications.

Because of this philosophy, which is the best one, the people who work with us are fairly protected and our reputation is protected. Furthermore, we consider anyone who does participate in these types of behaviors or is actively trying to pursue drama with other pro-White people by name calling, "expositions," or by doing any other work for the enemies of Western Civilization and greater White values to be agents of such subversive organizations or perhaps COINTELPRO governmental operations.

Believe us when we tell you, we get poked and prodded to get involves in pissing contests with alleged "pro-White" people all the time, we even have screenshots as recent as last week of people trying to instigate fights, trying to get us to take the bait that we won't. We won't even post the evidence in name of "White unity" and to adhere to our policies. We even get e-mails from people who are entangled in other drama (presumably) who try to recruit us to their faction or their "team." The most recent situation like this was right before Christmas when a growing dissent surrounding an organization, whom we have never even heard of, was starting to get in hot water with other nationalists and we at The White Voice were subject to attempts by others to implicate us in the fight. Sorry, not happening. Just because somebody said something fresh about us does not mean we have to get into genital measuring contests with other allegedly "pro-White" people. That is what our enemies want us to do.

The idea that by tearing down others we can elevate ourselves is such a pathetic and divisive strategy in a cause where we should all be on the same page. Collaborators, not competitors. 

There have been at least 5 instances of these types of situations with different people throughout the years ranging on different levels of ridiculousness, but we refuse to participate.

Now you ask: why?

Because who does it benefit? Even if someone is trying to tear us down to elevate themselves or spreading lies, what does our fighting with them do? It dignifies their fire-starting. Don't confuse  not responding to such attacks with us being "caught" or weak, because we don't engage in this type of behavior. This is us not taking the bait of the enemies. You should do the same.

We at The White Voice are pretty sure there are people literally masturbating to "pro-White beefs" that pop up around the internet. They get off on a divided cause, a cause that is the most important of this century: the survival of our people and the peaceful relations of a free mankind. 

If there's one thing we have learned in this world it is that there are going to be a lot of people you do not like and a lot of people who do not like you, for various and sundry reasons. But in a day and age where there is an existential threat to the existence of an entire culture, is it worth getting in pissing contests?

For the longest time we have chalked much of this up to the widespread mental illness that many people suffer from along with a combination of poor social skills and outright subversiveness. Whatever the cause, it benefits nobody except our enemies to be feuding with one another. 

The divide and conquer tactic is the oldest one in the book. Destroy from within. 

Nobody here is suggesting that we all join hands and unilaterally consolidate our efforts, but what we are suggesting is to stop starting fires for one reason and one reason alone:

It is what our enemies want.

So our advice for you in 2015 is as follows:

  • If someone is trying to entangle you in drama, ignore it. 
  • If someone is lying about you or spreading rumors about someone you know, ignore it.
  • If someone seems to constantly be involved in "spats" with other nationalists and seems to allocate more of their time to fighting other "pro-Whites" than producing anything of value, ignore them and distance yourself from them.
  • If someone makes rumors about you like you are in high school, never address them and ignore it. 
  • If someone is trying to burn down what you built to build their own, ignore it.
  • Expend your energy both positive and negative wisely. Channel it into productive behavior.
  • Never speak badly of someone who is on the same page as you or is pretending to be on the same page as you, even if they deserve it.