The MLK Presentation You & Your Children MUST See This Year.

The government enforced Martin Luther King Jr.
Holiday celebrates a sexual deviant, communist and
plagiarist. Learn what the schools are not allowed to
teach for fear of political persecution.
Martin Luther King Jr. had well documented ties
to the Communist Party, USA. On several documented
occasions he met with Communist Party organizers
to plan civil disturbances and unrest in the
Southern United States.

Martin Luther King Jr. was also one of the worst plagiarists of the last century. King lifted sentences, phrases and entire paragraphs from texts like Paul Ramsey's 'Basic Christian Ethics'. Large portions of MLK's doctoral thesis were copied from the thesis of another student, and from the works of eminent theologians. Is this the type of man our children should revere equally with our Founding Fathers? No! It is time White Americans repeal the King Holiday. White students should not be taught to honor a traitor to our country, a sexual deviant and plagiarist fraud.

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