WATCH: White Man Apologizes for Saying "N*gga" Gets Sucker-Punched by "Gentle Giant"

Well, it appears that the street slang word "nigga" used to describe a "male of any race" as defined by Rachael Jeantel from the George Zimmerman trial is not allowed to leave the lips of White Americans.

It's a low class, ghetto street trash word anyway and that is why you shouldn't have it as a part of your vocabulary but White people are literally being beaten on the streets and sucker-punched for saying a word!

Recall that cops are being murdered because they look White, the travels of Whites are being impeded by ghetto vermin celebrating the lives of ghetto vermin vandals and criminals, Whites are the regular targets of racial hate-attacks but a WORD is all it takes to get beaten.

The man below is apparently apologizing for using the form of the "N-Word" that ends in an "A."

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