Florida Police Department to Honor Black Robbery Suspect w/ His Own Ceremony

No, The White Voice is not kidding you. You read that correctly.

In 2015 you can be a violent thug who is suspected of burglary but if you are at the right place at the right time and behave humanly, you will get your rear-end kissed by the literal "PC police."

Jamal Rutledge is a Black thug who was arrested on two different counts stemming from a suspected burglary when he was being booked and the booking officer nearly dropped dead of a heart attack. He then notified some other officers about the situation.

All this is, to anyone with clairvoyance, is an obvious attempt by local police departments and the semitically-owned media to fan the flames of the anti-police sentiment growing across the country. 

Here is more on that story:

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