The White Voice #80: Ill White Thinking, Ferguson Narrative Exposed, Bill Cosby

On this edition of The White Voice Joe opens the broadcast by remarking on the most dangerous line of thinking for White people: believing that our opinions are only validated when non-White people share our opinions. Eric and Marie then go on about what has got their goat including being in danger as a White person in St. Louis, accessorizing with homosexuals and Obama's amnesty.

In the second segment the band breaks down the issue of KKK being the target of anonymous and what this says about the crumbling narrative in Ferguson, Joe explains how Progressivism is a prerequisite to communism, the displays of mental illness in Ferguson, Newt Gingrich on Obama's amnesty and the fraud of the American right-wing,

Then the panel goes over audio that blows a complete hole in the Ferguson Narrative and analyzes a debate between Michael Eric Dyson (black extremist) and the former lisping mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani. Then you get some perspective on the Bill Cosby White women raping frenzy, and what YOU can do to help us!

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