The White Voice #90: White Customer Service, Mugabe, Superbowl Idiocy, Holocaust, & TransJennering

On this edition of The White Voice we break in a new panelist Chris and discuss how you get superior customer service from White people in retail stores, Robert Mugabe becoming the divine leader of Africa, the Mike Brown riot in a police station from last week and more White privilege indoctrination on college campuses popping up.

Then the panel field calls on why American-Africans are getting away with their urban terrorism, talk to a South African transplant who now lives in America and discuss whether or not Whites should be occupying space on the continent of Africa. Then the panel picks apart the issue of White morons watching Black dominated sports and the social ramifications of this behavior, Holocaust remembrance day and more!

Finally the panel does a rapid fire all segment and has a gut-busting laugh at Bruce Jenner "becoming a woman" and what exactly a transgender is.

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