The White Voice #91: Being Called Racist, Gays Terrorize Bakery, The Muslim Problem,

On this edition of The White Voice Joe and Eric talk about supporting the military and exactly what "supporting the troops" means and the silliness of being called a "White Supremacist" and other anti-White pejoratives.

Then the panel breaks down news stories from the week including a congressional staffer being fired for sharing his experiences with American-Africans, Obama's "Prayer Breakfast" tirade against Christianity, Bruce Jenner's latest charade of killing someone in a motor vehicle accident.

Rapid-fire call round touches a lot on the gay totalitarians, transjennering, mid life crises, how to combat being called anti-White pejoratives, whether or not gay and transsexual is a mental illness.

Finally the panel discusses the issue of Islam and whether or not the ISIS videos are faked.

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