7 Reasons White America MUST Boycott The Anti-White, Straight & Woman NFL

By Marie Ross

Why White people should seriously consider boycotting the NFL. Just the tip of the iceberg: being a NFL fan can be quite costly. Where does all your hard earned money go? Far beyond one's entertainment. There are many reasons! In no particular order, nor certainly limited to the following:

  • Very expensive stadium ticket prices! Add to that costs of parking, concessions, and if your team is out of state, it will have a similar cost as a vacation due to transportation & lodging! Here's a sample: Superbowl is quite the price gouger on all counts!
  • If you choose to watch at home, this season's DirecTV "NFL Sunday ticket" is $329.94! And some games will be blacked out-no pun intended-(usually these are important games, which is quite aggravating). *However, NHL center ice is less than 1/2 price at $159.96, and many more games per week are broadcasted*, a far superior sport.
  • Purchases of certified NFL logo items: Average cost of a jersey is $100.00, average cost of a T-shirt is $40.00, average cost of a baseball cap is $28.00.
  • Endorsing of Violence toward White men and miscegenation. If you watch this, I suggest muting or turning volume to a minimum for it's exceedingly vile:
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  • White children being exposed to a culture contrast to their own, in a way that glorifies the NFL player as a role model, someone to aspire to. This is a particularly disturbing high danger alert! if females see them as (desirable?). That would transcend into real life-the football players at school and/or those who resemble one.
  • Other dangers for both sexes is a societal cancer symptom which perpetuates embracing/emulating other cultures to "look cool". This is, unfortunately a "sin of the times" by our society and media, often partnered with lack of parenting or racially unaware and/or simply liberal parents.

Let's be honest. Many are coddled thugs guided through basic academia to pave the way for the goal of playing sports. This does not change them, rather the money and fame allows for a more deviant lifestyle, facilitating and encouraging undesirable behaviors at times. What would these be? Examples we've seen include:

  • Cohabiting with/marrying "White" women (high paid prostitutes?).
  • Abuse and killing of dogs, particularly pit bulls...this is not to be condemned per se for "It's their culture, they know no better."
  • Doing muslim gestures on the sideline (article here).
  • Normalizing/celebrating homosexuality (interracial was a bonus).
  • Child abuse-reported in the news recently.
  • Spousal abuse-reported in the news recently.
  • Assault (aggravated usually).
  • Murder (alleged/attempted).
  • Drug usage (dealing as well at times).

Did I miss anything?

  • "Non-gentile" owners also having their "pockets lined" with millions of dollars.

There are other sports-NHL and MLB to name two, and other forms of entertainment that do not contribute to degeneracy as the NFL does. It is past time to reject the "status quo" on many counts. The NFL is a prime example.